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Nigia Bolton

Ravi, I can't wait to get the book. I wish you continued success and always know that we (the Yeldings) are always in your corner!!! Congrats-GeeGee

Zelon Crawford

Ravi-This is such an exciting time for you and obviously just the beginning. You truly have a gift from God that is meant to be shared with readers across the globe! Wishing you much success now and in the future. In Friendship - Z!


I just bought the book on the strength of your sister's harrassment. But I can't wait to dig into it. As a fellow creative writer, you are an inspiration. God bless and congratulations!

Nikki (Wilson) Hefko

Just yesterday I learned of the publication of Like Trees, Walking while flipping through the March issue of Elle Magazine. Intrigued by the title of the book, I was thrilled to learn that it was your work. Ted and I have just ordered our copy! Best to you on your great literary journey.

sandy alexandre

Bravo, Ravi Howard! Now I ain't one to gossip, but I'm going to buzz the buzz, spread the good word, and tell folks that have been living under a rock that they better "ask somebody" (preferably a bookseller near them) about your first novel. What fantastic news, my friend! Congratulations! OK: I'll stop talking the talk now and start walking the (Like Trees,) Walking by ordering the book.
I can't wait to read it!

Daphne Young Lewis

I'm so proud of you. I'm definitely picking up a copy, and recommending it to my Book Club. I can't wait to read it. I wish you the best!

Monique Cornett

Congrats on this book release! I am very proud of you. We need some more strong, positive, young black male role models. I have told my sons that they need to check you out. I hope that I can come to your book signing at the Virginia Book Festival. I live in Fredericksburg, Virginia. God Bless You and keep up the good work!!!

Make it A Great day,
Monique Cornett

Renee Streeter

I heard about this book when it was aired on 93 BLX. It seemed to be interesting. I don't usually hear of a book and just start reading it, but this one captured my curiosity. I looked it up on the internet. I will definately be reading it. Good Luck!! May God Bless and Keep you.


I recently read your short story "Like Trees, Walking" in GUMBO. It was my favorite story in the anthology, and I've been thinking about Mark 8:24. Your story engaged and inspired me. Thanks so much, and I look forward to starting your book this weekend.


Cliff Long

Ravi, I am indeed impressed. Amid my searchings for local literature imagine finding you! Nothing could have been a better surprise...cliff L.

Terry Alston

Hi Ravi,

I was absolutely thrilled to see that your book had been published. I was really touched when I learned that Mark 8:24 is the motif and foundation of the theme - the healing process. Congratulations!
God bless.

Dr. Helen E. Williams

I have just completed reading this gently powerful story which invited me close enough to stay with the characters without absorbing the excrutiating pain of that part of our history. You wrote beautifully and I thank you for sharing your gift as brilliantly as you did in Like Trees, Walking. Write on!!

Cleareaser Bone

I work at the Huntsville Public Library in Huntsville, Alabama as an Acquisition's Assistant. I recently came across your book, Like Trees, Walking. The book caught my attention. So much so that we plan to discuss it at our September book club. Thank you for reminding us of a part of our past that we should never forget.

James weiner

I just realized from your email that there's a So I'm here and see that Like Trees, Walking, is on the market and available in stores. A big congratulations. I will make sure to get a copy. Amy already has you in her datebook to lead the book group discussion.


Excellent book. It's been awhile since I've read a book that stirred emotion and provoked thought the way yours did. I look forward to reading more of your work and will be recommending Like Trees, Walking to family and friends. Best wishes.

Kathleen Mulvey

I enjoyed reading your first novel and look forward to your next! You handled an ugly topic with great sensitivity and insight. Your characters are real and very believable. It is very sad and sickening to me that racism - to the extent of the incident in your story - exists in our world in the year 2007. I will recommend your book to other readers. Keep on writing!

Bob Brinkmeyer

Haven't read your book yet, but it comes highly recommended. I'm always looking for new contemporary writers from the South (is there still a "Southern" literature?), so I'm looking forward to reading the novel. I also very much appreciate the authors and books you recommend. Very nice list! Thanks.

Ruth Powell

Just finished your book and am more than impressed by your skillfully and sensitively written story. I am delighted to recommend it to others. You have a rare talent.

Vivian Edward's Hearvey

Hi Ravi,I'm a reader of mostly all books,but i just learned of you and yours.Likes Tree's walking is on my list of the next book to purchase.I saw that you came to Oxford,Ms,for a book signing,which isn't to far from where i live,in Tupelo,Ms.Why don't you try to come to Tupelo for a book signing at Reed's Dept. Store downtown,there's a book store there,owner name Jack Reed.(662-842-6453)Keep up the good work. Vivian

Pat Krause

Dear Mr. Howard,
I just read your book and I loved it. It was so well-written, compelling, enjoyable and educating. As a white person reading the story, I was able to gain an understanding into the emotions of blacks who had to experience racism, lynching and the resulting anger and grief.
I've also been to Mobile, AL a few times and could relate to the area as described in your book. Since I'm a native Detroiter, I also got a chuckle from the reference to "pop". I think we're the only state that calls soft drinks by that name.
I do have one question, if I may,
how did you come up with the title of the book?
I hope you write more books.
Pat Krause


Thank you so much for coming to Gardner-Webb and sharing your novel with us. I really enjoyed reading it. I hope you will come back soon. CONGRATS!!!!


After graduating from college about three weeks ago, my public library back home which is somewhat small had "Like Tree, Walking" on their shelves. So I picked it up and didn't stop reading it. It was a GREAT read and found it being an honor to read the debut from Mr. Howard, hope he can make a visit to Kentucky in the future.

marianne jordan

I thoughrly enjoyed the book. The moment I saw it I knew it would be great reading. It was obvious why you won the Hurston/Wright Award.I hope to see you in Chicago one day at one of our black book stores.Waiting for the book thank you.


I saw you at Alabama Writers Symposium in Monroeville. I grew up in Mobile and was there when the event occurred that inspired your book. How appalled I was to realize I had no recollection of it. I was a young-twenties self-absorbed runabout, but that's no excuse. I loved reading your book. There were times in it where I felt like I was floating in the Bay on a blow-up raft. I'm wishing you the best in the future and awaiting your next novel.

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